A story of true passion

Our journey started on the kitchen counter of a Chemistry Teacher who decided to solve all your skin troubles with a drop of nature and a drip of Chemistry. Her handmade potions of 100% natural chemistry slowly turned her into a magician who knew what’s best for your skin without even a feather of Parabens and Sulphates. After years of experiments, she developed a product line that was true to her very passion for helping people. Thus, came into existence, Passion Labs.

From here on, the lab space expanded faster than anticipated putting Passion labs on the path of becoming a coveted natural skincare brand in the Middle East.

Our mission

Research & identify benefits of different naturally available ingredients to suit the needs of different skin/hair types; and create a range of products across categories and make these easily accessible to customers.

Our vision

Becoming Middle East’s most trusted brand in the natural skin care and beauty segment.

Nature’s Newsletter from Passion Labs.

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