Cinnamon Natural Soap

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AED 40.00

Cinnamon a natural collagen enhancer; gives the skin a natural and healthy glow, tones skin pores, and soothes inflammation. with its uplifting aromatherapy, cinnamon enhances blood flow to the skin, therefore results in increased moisture.
for normal-dry skin.

How to use

Wet your skin with warm water. Lather generously. Use gentle circular motions to wash your face and body. Rinse. Dry your skin. Apply any Passion Labs Moisturizer of your choice.

Additional information

Dimensions8 × 2.7 × 6.5 cm


How to make your soap bar last longer

One bar can last up to six weeks if you let it dry between uses. Another tip is to cut your soap bar in half or even quarters, this way it will last longer than you might imagine! This all adds up to even longer soap lifespan, making it even more cost effective and environmentally friendly over time. (Tip: place your soap on top of a sponge in a ventilated soap dish to help absorb moisture.) keep the water at a warm temperature. If the water is too hot, the soap will create less lather and your bar will ultimately shrink faster.

1 review for Cinnamon Natural Soap

  1. Helda Amro (verified owner)

    انا زبونة من ٦سنوات افضل منتجات نضافة و تجميل صدقا. كان عندي حساسية و جلدي بقشر و كتير ناشف. الحمدلله نسيت هاي المشاكل ابدا من وقت استعملت صابونة القرفة. شكرا لعملكم الحلو

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