Coffee uplifting shower gel

AED 100.00

Uplifted Skin in One Easy Step

Freshly brewed coffee beans have antioxidative, rejuvenating effects, that are results in reduced wrinkles, discoloration, and cellulite.

Coffee uplifting shower gel is Passion Labs’ magical treat to your senses. Coffee beans exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action to the skin that bring out its natural glow. Caffeine and chlorogenic acids combat the effect of photoaging (i.e. wrinkles, discoloration). Additionally, it showed an instant potential in reducing body cellulite due to the presence of diterpene esters in coffee that have lipolytic effects in adipose tissue.

How to use

Apply by using a Passion Laps natural loofah. Lather generously. Rinse. Apply any Passion Labs body moisturizer of your choice

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